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François "Papa" Hollande rides to Mali's rescue on his obedient horse "Black Snooty"...

"Hollande and Cameron - Sons of the Desert" by Kaya Mar. Click on image to see more of Kaya Mar's political work.

Bamako, Mali 2nd Feb 2013 - French President Francois Hollande publicly bathed in the genuine gratitude and praise of thousands on people in the Malian capital Bamako following the liberation earlier this week by French and Malian forces of Gao and Timbuktu (with materiel logistic support given by David Cameron in the form of air transport for French equipment which has earned the UK the threat of reprisals from Al Queda in the Islamic Maghreb) from the appalling oppression and violence meted out to the ethnic black African population by Islamist Tuareg fighters from the Arabic North of the country in cahoots with foreign mercenaries from at least ten arab countries who had poured across the borders with Mauritania and Algeria.


Since a sudden violent coup last July which ousted democratically-elected leader president Touré the ethnic Arab insurgents had ruled the whole province under strictly enforced Sharia Law, which has seen large numbers of people viciously punished by amputation, flogging, stoning and execution for minor crimes, in addition to which many ancient mosques containing graves, relics and manuscripts had been destroyed by the jihadists.


Though the Arab insurgents were driven from the towns, very few were killed or even captured - they have all melted away into the mountains and the Sahara Desert to bide their time until the French leave, creating a dilema of potentially Aghan/Iraqi-sized proportions for the French who, though "happy" to assist their old colonial subjects get free of the jihadist invaders hell-bent on enforcing Islamic law on the whole of mineral and oil-rich Northern Africa, the French definitely do not want to be sucked into a ruinous decades-long African war, and neither does David Cameron who this week (after being accused of mission creep when, despite originally proclaiming there would be "No British boots on the ground" announced he was sending at least 400 military "Advisors" and "Trainers" to help the weak, dispirited Malian Army) mouthed several anodyne statements which sounded very similar to his justification for staying in Aghanistan, convincing nobody that this was going to be an in-and-out operation.


Many people have been asking themselves why the French and the British have decided to take such a potentially calamitous risk by intervening in Mali, bearing in mind nobody gave a damn when ethnic Arabs were slaughtering ethnic Africans wholesale with absolute impugnity for years in the Sudan, and the answer (of course) has nothing to do with compassion or altruism... it's all about the vast mineral wealth which the unhappy Malians are sitting on top of, that everybody else wants to exploit at any cost or risk. The Chinese want it, France wants it, Her Majesty's Government certainly wants it, the Americans want it and you can rest assured that other impoverished North African states want it...

Is there still hope for the Arab Spring?

Click on image to see all of Kaya's political work.

Titled "Death of the Arab Spring", Kaya Mar has this week unveiled his most visceral political artwork yet, inspired by the shocking recent life-imprisonment of Qatari poet Muhammad ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami who was tried and sentenced by a secret court which outrageously refused to allow either the poet or his lawyer to plead or defend himself.


The court claimed that al-Ajami's single verse of poetry "insulted" the Qatari ruler, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and "incited the overthrowing of the ruling system" - a charge which could have earned al-Ajami - a third year student of literature at Cairo University - the death sentence. The court also vehemently condemned him for reading another poem called "Tunisian Tulip" to a group of friends in the privacy of his own home, a video of which was posted online by one of his guests.


Al-Ajami's shocking treatment is an ongoing part of the violent suppression of the Arab Spring and the hope it gives to ordinary arabs sick of living under the murderous, corrupt regimes of their despotic rulers, and the last few months have seen savage police and army treatment of protesters in Bahrain, Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Kaya Mar's painting portrays a generic blood-soaked arab dictator clutching a bloodied sword in one hand and a human skull in the other, which is clutching a fragile bunch of Spring flowers in its mouth. The keffiyeh (headgear)-wearing despot's blood-stained robes have fallen open, revealing he is nothing more than a pygmy whose stature is a complete illusion caused by the huge barrel of oil on which he stands. The ominous-looking oil barrel stands amidst a large pile of human skulls, representing the tens of thousands of downtrodden, excluded arabs who crave democracy and justice but who have paid with their lives in the torture chambers and nightmareish prisons across the Middle East for daring to try and change the barbaric, vicious feudalism which grips the arab states, funded completely by oil revenues - without which their cruel, self-styled rulers would be nothing but dirt-poor farmers and shepherds.


"Tunisian Tulip"

Knowing that those that satisfy themselves and upset their people tomorrow will have someone else sitting in their seat,
Knowing that those that satisfy themselves and upset their people tomorrow will have someone else sitting in their seat,
for those that think the country is in your and your kids’ names,
the country is for the people, and its glories are theirs.

Repeat with one voice, for one faith:
We are all Tunisia in the face of repressive elites.
We are all Tunisia in the face of repressive elites.

The Arab governments and who rules them are, without exception, thieves. Thieves!
The question that frames the thoughts of those who wonder
will not find an answer in any official channels.
As long as it imports everything it has from the West,
why can’t it import laws and freedoms?
Why can’t it import laws and freedoms?

Al Jazeera interview Kaya Mar - Video

Click on image to watch the interview

What a great way to start 2013! Kaya Mar was interviewed hard at work by Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee just before Christmas, and the story was run on Al Jazeera this weekend. Simply click on the graphic above to watch the video...


The interview can also be seen on Al Jazeera's YouTube channel below.


This interview is being run on Al Jazeera English every hour today, and is also repeated in every news bulletin.

Nobody surprised as David Cameron - personal friend of the Murdochs - instantly dismisses Lord Leveson's intelligent, sensible recommendations...

Kaya shows "Leveson Inquiry - We're All In This Together" at the QEII Conference Centre as Lord Leveson delivers his much awaited inquiry report.

Finally, today, after many months of feverish speculation, hand-wringing and buck-passing by every corner of the press and media, Lord Justice Leveson delivered his much-anticipated public inquiry report into the culture, practices and ethics of the press at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster.


As hordes of journalists, camera crews, press photographers and anti-Murdoch protesters descended on the conference centre to await the arrival of all the key players in the long drawn out drama which has seen a national newspaper shut down, Rupert Murdoch's son James ousted from his position in News International, dozens of journalists arrested and charged with a dizzying array of crimes including phone and computer hacking, police bribery and obstruction of justice, the mood was expectant as Kaya arrived, carrying his large political painting titled "Leveson Inquiry - We're All In This Together", which was an instant hit with absolutely everyone.


The large oil painting portrays Lord Justice Leveson in his court robes holding a broom and a dustpan (but barefoot, to signify his ultimate lack of power as he was given no legal powers to impose regulation on the media industry, and was only allowed to make recommendations to David Cameron in an attempt to clean up corrupt practices in the newspaper industry, with no legal weight behind him.

Beside Leveson is a large overloaded wooden donkey-cart which has tipped up on end under the sheer weight of all the sleazy main political-players caught up in the long-running corruption of Rupert Murdoch's News International: Tony Blair, Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron, Rupert and his son James Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt, George Osborne, Andy Coulson and Michael Gove. Peeking out from under Gove is a Metropolitan Police hat, referring to the many senior police officers who have had to fall upon their own swords following the exposure of widespread corruption in the Metropolitan police as it was discovered that many officers have been illegally obtaining confidential information for Murdoch's journalists.


At 1.30pm Lord Leveson took the stage and delivered a lengthy summary of his verdict, often damning, on the shocking and often illegal behaviour of some areas of the press - especially newspapers controlled by Rupert Murdoch - and he went on to say that his report must not be ignored if public confidence in the press is to be restored.


Unfortunately (but not at all surprisingly) within hours Prime Minister David Cameron announced his full intention on the floor of the House of Commons to frankly completely ignore Lord Leveson's recommendations for tougher press oversight, triggering accusations that he cares less about what is neccessary for the public good, and much, much more about protecting Rupert Murdoch and his huge political influence through his newspapers.


Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (who never saw a bandwagon he wasn't willing to jump on) stated that he would start immediately trying to convince Parliament that Leveson's report should be acted on fully, and was soon after bizarrely supported by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who made similar claims to having a principle whilst frequently turning around from the Dispatch Box to make sure that the bemused, autocratic David Cameron sitting behind him wasn't pinning a "Kick Me Hard" sign on his back.


Needless to say a huge number of people are bitterly disappointed and angry with Cameron's statement today, and it seems clear that rather than being able to resolve the whole sordid affair and bring miscreant areas of the media to heel so that public confidence in the press can begin to build again, in fact new battle lines have been drawn...

Kaya's painting of Angela Merckel to appear on the ETUC November 14th Europe-wide anti-Austerity protest marches.

Click on the image to download placard artwork for the #N14 protests.

In preparation for this coming Wednesday's Europe-wide general strikes and anti-austerity cuts protests organisted by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Kaya Mar has posted multilingual versions of protest placard artwork based on his political painting "Angela Merckel - Mother Europa", which he has made freely available to anyone taking part in the strike action or demonstrations.


To view and download the placard artwork, CLICK HERE.

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Kaya unveils his response to the Leveson Inquiry, titled "We're All In This Together!"

Leveson Inquiry - We're All In This Together

As the entire country recoils slightly from the disclosure this weekend on the "Racy" nature of the secret phone texts between Primie Minister David Cameron and ex-News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, and as the entire media industry waits with bated breath for Lord Justice Leveson to finally deliver his report and recommendations following the Leveson Inquiry into the Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press , Kaya Mar has unveiled his personal repsonse to the entire sordid affair.


His political artwork, titled "Leveson Inquiry - We're All In This Together" shows Lord Justice Leveson in his court robes holding a broom and a dustpan, but barefoot, to signify his ultimate lack of power, since he has no powers to impose regulation on the media industry, and is only allowed to make recommendations which will probably be ignored.


Beside Leveson is a large overloaded wooden donkey-cart which has tipped up on end under the weight of all the sleazy main-players: Tony Blair, Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt, James Murdoch, George Osborne, Andy Coulson and Michael Gove. Peeking out from under Gove is a Metropolitan Police hat, referring to the many senior police officers who have had to fall upon their own swords following the exposure of widespread corruption in the Met, involving cash illegal payments to serving officers in exchange for confidential information on members of the public by News International journalists.


Photos of Kaya Mar showing this painting in front of the High Court will be available soon...

Kaya joins Obama and Romney on the US Presidential Election 2012 campaign trail. Chelsea declares a state of emergency!

Kaya Mar entertained/appalled several hundred expatriate Americans resident in London on the cold, wet evening of 29th Oct 2012 as they arrived at Chelsea Old Town Hall for a US Presidential Election 2012 debate - organised through social media site Meetup.com which connects ex-pat communities - ahead of the official polling day on November 6th.

Kaya's two large oil-on-canvas paintings portray the only two candidates that matter: the incumbent President Barack Obama and his controversial Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

The Romney painting (titled "Mitt Romney - The backwards-facing Candidate") portrays Romney naked - a recurring theme of Mar's, implying that The King Has No Clothes - sitting astride a weary Republican Elephant, but facing backwards which symbolises Romney's frequent U-Turns on his nebulous policy positions just to please whatever crowd he happens to be speaking to at the time. and also to symbolise Romney's 19th Century attitudes towards social justice, fairness and workers rights. In his right hand Romney clutches what he thinks is the American Eagle, symbolising his intense craving for executive power, but actually he is holding a boiled chicken - symbolising Romney's inexperience and ineptitude in understanding foreign affairs and diplomacy. His left hand discretely falls across his groin, representing Romney's intense adherence to his Mormon religion, which proscribes that devotees wear "Magical Underwear" to protect their modesty.

The second painting - titled "Obama, praying for a second chance" portrays a naked Obama on his knees, praying for a second term in front of the Democrat donkey, which has turned its back on him. On the floor is a completely empty food pail. The painting is composed of dreary, almost-monotone colours which symbolise Obama's lacklustre presidency, and the immense disappointment felt by the millions of American voters who swept Obama into power on a wave of much-trumpeted Hope and Change which never came.


Press and Media buyers can obtain hi-res versions of the photos below (and more) at Demotix. CLICK THIS LINK.

Kaya and George Osborne join 100,000 anti-Austerity cuts protesters on the TUC "A Future That Works" march.

Kaya ahead of the march as it comes up Piccadilly.

On 20th October 2012 an estimated 100,000 public sector employees, trade unionists, disability right groups, pensioners groups and concerned members of public marched through London to protest against David Cameron's punitive programme of so-called austerity cuts. Preparations for the march by unions and protest groups started at 9am along Victoria Embankment as thousands of placards were distributed, huge helium-filled balloons inflated and tethered, brass bands rehearsed and assembly points set out along the embankment for groups arriving from all over the UK. 


Shortly after 11:30am the marchers set off along their prescribed route which took the noisy placard-waving crowds past Parliament, up Whitehall, Piccadilly and Park Lane, ending in Hyde Park for speeches.


Kaya Mar brought along his large political painting - titled "I'm In Control" - portraying Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Gideon Osborne, the architect of the so-called austerity cuts which have served as a cynical trojan horse for a huge ideological pogrom created by the dark core of the Conservative far-right elite who have planned and plotted for many years to destroy the welfare state and completely eviscerate the public sector and raid the multi-billion pound pension funds which were supposed to make retirement bearable for millions of hard-working, dedicated public-sector employees. 


Enjoy our slideshow record of the day...


Press and Media buyers can obtain hi-res versions of all the photos in the slideshow (and more) at Demotix. Click HERE, HERE and HERE.

Lend us your support - Kaya's Osborne painting is on the "Make the March" Protest Art website.

Click on the image to see great Protest Art

We were delighted today to be invited to include Kaya's "I'm In Control" at Make The March - a website dedicated to protest art which has been made specifically for tomorrow's big TUC "A Future That Works" march. There's some great artwork to look at - some of it hilarious, some of it dry, some of it very poignant, some of it just plain pissed-off. Please have a look at the site, and don't forget to use the "Like" and "Tweet" buttons below each artwork if you enjoy it. Spread the word! Click on the graphic to visit the site.

George Osborne to join Saturday's TUC "A Future That Works" march.

George Osborne: "I'm In Control"

This coming Saturday, 20th October, Kaya Mar will be joining the huge TUC "A Future That Works" march in London. Assembling on Victoria Embankment from 11 am and setting off at noon to rally in Hyde Park, this anti-austerity, anti-cuts march will see tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of trade unionists, NHS staff, members of the public, disability rights groups and a huge coalition of activist groups ranging from Right to Work Campaign, False Economy, Coalition of Resistance, UK Uncut, Fuel Poverty Action, Disabled People Against Cuts and many more, protesting against the despised ConDem coalition's punitive "Austerity" cuts to public spending, the sacking of 700,000 public sector workers, workfare schemes, and the evisceration and un-mandated, outrageous privatisation of the NHS.


Keep your eyes open on Saturday for Kaya with his unique oil-on-canvas painting of a naked George Osborne (because as we all know the King Has No Clothes), dancing insanely amongst the mangled wreckage of the UK Economy, which Osborne has driven at high-speed into a lampost with his his inept Car-Crash Economics and his Bullingdon Bully's obsession with punishing the poor, the sick and the disabled,whilst still gripping the steering wheel, arrogantly unwilling to let anyone else take control of economic policy.


Those of you following the day's events on Twitter should use the hashtags #Oct20 and #afuturethatworks.



"Cameron & Clegg" joins permanent collection of the Museum of London!

Click image for full-screen version

We're delighted to announce that Kaya's political painting "Cameron and Clegg" - seen here at last year's TUC "March for the Alternative"  demonstration - has joined the permanent collection of the Museum of London.

Opened in 1976 as part of the Barbican Estate, the Museum of London concerns itself primarily with the social history of London and its inhabitants throughout history.

Entry to the museum is free. For more details, visit their website HERE

What did Michael Gove think of Kaya's naked Cameron and Osborne at the Tory Party Conference?

Education Secretary Michael Gove takes in Kaya's satirical offering of a naked David Cameron and George Osborne at the Tory Party Conference on Monday.

On Monday, armed with only two large paintings and a thermos flask, Kaya Mar treated Conservative Party Conference delegates outside the International Conference Centre in Birmingham to his unique satirical renditions of David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson.


Painted - as always - naked, because (as we all know) "The King Has No Clothes", the two large paintings caused much delight and laughter from some delegates and many passing Plebs, but caused in others the kind of facial expressions you'd expect from someone if they'd just lost their job, discovered their car had been stolen from the staff car park and eventually got home by public transport to find it had burned to the ground and the insurance policy had lapsed...


The first painting, titled "I'm In Control" shows a naked George Osborne, surrounded by the wreckage of the UK Economy which he has crashed full-speed into a lampost. Osborne dances gleefuly in the wreckage of his Car-Crash Economics, tightly grasping the large steering wheel which has come off in his hands, and Osborne is oblivious to the disaster he has caused. All he cares about is the he is in control.


The second painting, titled "Nemesis: David Cameron's Unshakeable Pain in the Backside" portrays prime minister David Cameron, naked but for a "No. 10" Team GB athlete's singlet, dancing along a glorious post-Olympic road which is lined with trees and giant Olympic torches based on new and old Conservative Party logos. Cameron's attempts to bathe in a Post-Olympic glow are constantly ruined by his arch-rival, London Mayor Boris Johnson, who has manifested as one of Cameron's brotesque buttocks, and is unshakeable.


Later in the day as the well-fed Tories were filing back into the conference centre after their fois gras luncheons, Kaya was graced by the sudden brief appearance of Education Secretary Michael Gove (in a remarkably wrinkled and rather cheap-looking grey suit) who, after drinking in Kaya's imagery of his boss naked, walked off again as quickly as he arrived, wearing a perplexed facial expression that looked for all the world like somebody had just shoved something up his bottom!


See our photo slide-show below and decide for yourself...

3rd October 2012: Government incompetence over rail franchise tendering highlights need for NHS Risk Register to be published


As the political row over yesterday's shock announcement that the West Coast Line Franchise tendering process has been found to be riddled with incompetence, critics of the government's reckless pursuit of NHS privatisation without proper oversight or evaluation based on the NHS Risk Register which David Cameron has so far refused point blank to make public, and which is known to sound the alarm very loudly over the government's deeply flawed ideology and method, activists this morning started calling for a complete re-examination.


The West Coast Line ferago has been instantly called an Omnishambles by opposition politicians, and it is in light of this shocking proof of utter recklessness by Cameron's government and the very serious implications that has regarding the competence of the billions of pounds worth of NHS contracts which have been dished out left, right and centre to the serried ranks of Conservative Party donors that we think it appropriate to share with you Kaya Mar's painting "The NHS Crucified as the Vultures Gather", which Kaya will be taking to the Department of Health later today to make his own timely protest.


Photos will follow this evening.

1st October 2012: Ed Balls continues to deny he's set his eyes on Miliband's Party Leadership

Click on image

Still bathing in the warm, fuzzy afterglow of his headline-grabbing keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton yesterday in which he declared that if Labour won the next election he would use the £4 billion windfall from selling chunks of broadcast airwave fequencies (freed up by switching off our analogue TV signals to allow the development of super-fast 4G networks) to build 100,000 new "affordable" homes, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, when pressed by mischeivous journalists, vigorously denied (again) that he had any desire to become party leader.

According to the Huffington Post, Balls is quoted as saying "If I’m honest for you, personally, it doesn’t matter, I actually don’t care, it’s not something which I think about, worry about, care about at all, whether I’m leader or prime minister, it’s not part of my mindset, its not part of my goals.

"If I say to you I rule it out, I don’t think you’d believe me. If I say to you it’s very unlikely, I think that’s totally honest, I don’t care. I don’t give a toss. I really don’t give a toss.”

Many people have immediately chosen to believe that Balls' statement means the complete opposite of what he was claiming, and was a classic piece of Malcom Tucker-esque double-speak, worthy of an episode of "In The Thick of It", and it is this palpably unbalanced relationship between the two men which is captured instinctively by Kaya Mar.


Kaya's satirical painting of Miliband and Balls portrays school football team captain Miliband, clutching his football to lead the team onto the pitch, but actually he is being led and directed by the bigger, more self-assured figure of Ed Balls, whose size and stature dwarfs Miliband.

Carrying on the theme of publicly undermining Ed Miliband before he loses them the next election, elsewhere this week it cannot have been a mere coincidence that Ed Miliband's extremely ambitious older brother David - who lost with very bad grace to his younger brother in the undignified scramble to replace the doomed Gordon Brown in September 2010 - still hates Ed for robbing him of his special 'Tony Blair' moment which he had long presumed would be his by divine right (much to everybody's relief...).

Popping up out of nowhere, in a move clearly intended to further destabilise his younger brother who is struggling to make any kind of a visible mark on his tenure as party leader, David Miliband told journalists about a recent Conservative Party-sponsored poll which declared that three-quarters of the public thought he would be a better leader than Ed is.

30th Sept 2012: US Presidential Elections - Meet the Candidates

As promised earlier this week, Kaya Mar has produced two of his trademark satirical political canvases as his personal comment on the two main players in the US Presidential Elections, which are to be held on November 6th.

Click on image

Mitt Romney "The Republican Backward-Looking Candidate"

   Kaya Mar's satirical portrait of US Presidential Election candidate MITT ROMNEY, portrays Romney naked and exposed, sitting astride an old, worn-out Republican Elephant. Unfortunately for Romney he is facing in completely the wrong direction, having taken so many U-Turns along the way in his egomaniacal pursuit of ultimate political power that not even he knows which way he should be facing. Ever the perma-tanned grandstanding patriot, Romney grasps what should have been the American Eagle by the throat in a show of steely determination, only to discover it has turned into a large boiled chicken...

   Romney's candidacy was heralded by the belicose, paranoid, racist Tea Party as being without a doubt the best Republican candidate to remove Barak Obama from the White House, and for a few short months the right-wing media - led by Rupert Murdoch's demented offspring, Fox News - created the impression that their wet-dream multi-millionaire elitist candidate was storming the pallisades.  


   Unfortunately Romney's foot keeps on slipping into his mouth... Quickly it was revealed that he, unlike every other candidate, was refusing to make public his tax receipts for several crucial years during which he has frequently claimed he was no longer involved in Bain Capital - a predatory hedge fund founded by Romney. His blank refusal to come clean led to widespread speculation that he was hiding something. Either the tax receipts would show that Romney had paid only a miniscule amount of taxes on his vast income over that period, or else he was illegally shovelling it into offshore tax-havens, went the most popular theories. Others suggested that Romney - a former bishop in the Mormon Church - wanted to hide the amount of "Tithes" he was paying to the church.

   Added to all this has been a series of what can only be described as thinly-veiled attacks on black Americans and Mexican immigrants, who Romney has implied publicly are little more than workshy scroungers living off welfare. In a speech secretly recorded by an activist Romney stated that 47% of Americans paid no Federal taxes. Playing fast and loose with the truth and official statistics, Romney was happy to hint that this 47% were not only blacks and illegal immigrants all living it up on welfare, but that this same figure of 47% coincided with the percentage of voters who were guaranteed to vote for the Democrats.

   What he was very careful not to divulge during his inflammatory speech was that the majority of this statistical 47% are actually retired senior citizens who form the bedrock of the Republican voting base, and who are all living on Social Security pensions and consuming billions of dollars in Medicaid. That figure also includes Mitt Romney himself, as he now seems to have used every slippery trick in the book (and maybe off the books...) to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. The Romney train-wreck continues to hurtle towards the buffers!

   So... as 6th November 2012 looms the Romney campaign is now limping from one self-inflicted disaster to another. A recent popular pastime amongst the Twitterati - using the #MittZingers hashtag - is to publicise the many quite appallingly elitist or ignorant or hypocritical public statements made by Romney. Click HERE to be amazed!

Click on image for full-sized view

Barack Obama "Praying For A Second Chance, Though the Food Pail is Empty"


   Battered, beleagured, vilified and insulted by the racist right-wing, the incumbent President Barack Obama is portrayed by Kaya Mar naked and vulnerable, on his knees praying to his party members and the American people for a second term of office. With its back to him and casting a baleful, forlorn expression, the Democrat Donkey looks disappointedly at the completely empty food-pail lying on the floor...


   Riding triumphantly into office in 2009 following the disastrous presidency of George Bush Jnr., millions of Americans looked to the first ever black president of the United States to heal the deep, painful wounds created by the Bush Presidency which had overseen the waging of two appalling, illegal wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq which brought the American economy to its knees - an economy which was then all but finished off by the outrageous banking scandals in 2008. On his way out, Bush authorised the infamous "Quantitive Easing" which saw hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers money simply handed over to the failing, incompetent banks to save them from total collapse, and which seems to have vanished into a black hole and appeared the other side into secret offshore accounts, out of reach of the American Taxman and the law.


   Obama's task was impossible from the outset. The outgoing Republicans had seized control of both the Senate and Congress, and from the very outset of his presidency the Republicans waged a political war of attrition against Obama, openly, purposefully blocking every single attempt he made to wrestle a fairer deal for the American public by way of a scheme for more affordable and fairer Medical Insurance, Medicaid for Senior Citizens and the poor, job-creation schemes with Federal funding for  National Infrastructure Capital Projects. Basically everything President Obama attempted to do in office to help the victims of the Bankers' malfesance has been crippled by the right-wing who, funded by corportions and billionaires, have waged a broad spectrum of constant attacks on Obama's integrity by way of questioning his American citizenship, accusing him of being a secret muslim, conflating Obama's name to imply by way of racist ignorance and islamophobia that he was a sleeper-terrorist sympathiser of both Al Queda's figurehead Osama bin Laden and Iraq's deposed dictator (and former American regional ally and military puppet) Sadam Hussein. Obama has been accused of being a communist, a rabid Socialist, a homosexual, and in many backward Southern States he is reviled by white-supremacists and the deeply ignorant militant evangelicals as simply the hated house-negro with ideas above his station who should be lynched or assassainated.


   Against the sickening, roaring white-noise of this ugly, mentally deranged 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-per-year assault on Obama waged by right-wing radio and TV stations whose mission is to stir up hatred and paranoia by way of lies and distortion, Obama has also disappointed millions of core democrat voters who had convinced themselves that somehow this intelligent, educated, likeable, highly-respected politician would end the foreign wars, bring the troops home, close the infamous Guantanamo Bay military prison, hold former Bush Government officials criminally accountable for torture, roll back the authoritarian police state laws introduced by Bush to spy on every American citizen, and to repair America's shattered reputation abroad.


   Sadly the last four years have been a very rude awakening for these hopeful, moderate Americans as Obama has increased unconstitutional spying on the entire population, has enormously increased the use of drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, has failed to make any headway over the Israel-Palestine situation, and has failed to save the American middle class from devastating job losses and plunging standards of living.


   From across the Atlantic is seems difficult - if not impossible - to perceive any good that has come out of Obama's presidency, yet there are many, many Americans who recognise that though he seems guilty of eternally trying to appease the Right instead of attacking them,  and he appears to be totally deaf to the many calls of alarm from those deeply concerned that the American Constitution is being ripped apart by the greed of corporations, big oil and defence contractors, he has actually made some significant inroads in job creation where it is most needed.


   Many say quite fairly that had another Republican been elected in 2009 the situation would have been much, much worse for poor Americans as the Republicans seem hell-bent on destroying 'Big' government in order that the richest amongst them should end up paying no taxes whatsoever, and let the poorest of the population fall into hopeless destitution, lest a single cent of a billionaire's money be spent on alleviating the misery of some of the 50 million Americans - including 17 million children - who regularly go hungry



24th Sept 2012: Kaya to unveil his largest political painting in honour of the Leveson Inquiry!

Kaya Mar brings Rebekah Brooks to the High Court on her borrowed police horse...

Lord Justice Leveson delivers his Inquiry report:
To coincide with Lord Leveson finally publishing his report into the outrageous unethical, criminal behaviour of newspaper magnate Ruprt Murdoch's reporters and editors on the News of the World, The Sun and the Metropolitan Police (to name but a few) and the disgraceful collusion of government ministers, Kaya Mar is preparing his satirical comment on the entire sordid affair.


Speaking to Kaya he says this new political painting will have to be the largest one he's ever done, since it will feature so many figures who have been prominent over the long course of the Inquiry at the Royal Courts of Justice, including Lord Leveson, Robert Jay QC, David Cameron, Ruprt Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt, Rebekah Brooks, News International, ex-Police Commissioners, waning celebrities and a cast of what could turn into hundreds!


Leveson held the last Media examination in July 2012, and has promised to report on his findings in the Autumn, but as yet no public date has been announced. The second part of the Inquiry, looking into the scale and extent of unlawful or improper conduct within News International, other newspaper media organisations and, presumably the Metropolitan Police (who have not come out of this smelling of roses) will not get under way until the many police investigations are concluded.

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