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This new collection of landscapes reflects the passion Kaya Mar has for his craft. A truly international artist, Kaya has spent his entire adult life roaming the world, standing with his easel and paints in flower-drenched fields, on storm-swept hills, by misty riverbanks at daybreak, in light-dappled forests or on the sun-kissed seashore, captivated and obsessed by the constantly changing light, colours and textures he sees all around him.


Kaya, who lives in West london, has over many years produced a whole series of paintings made on his favourite spot on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond Park, as the Thames sweeps and meanders its way to the sea. These paintings, made in all seasons and weathers, share with us the beautiful procession of the seasons and the never-ending, breath-taking drama that only British weather can bring.

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