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Kaya's new book "Naked Ambition" is released!

In collaboration with London Review of Books editor Sam Kinchin-Smith, Biteback Publishing has produced "Naked Ambition: 100 Pictures of the Present Crisis" by Kaya Mar.


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Kaya paints live at London Review Bookshop, Bloomsbury, at book launch event

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Boris Johnson assumes god-like power as he tells Coronavirus Britain "Many will die, and I'm not going to lift a finger to stop it"...

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As the coronavirus pandemic broke out of China to begin its inexorable march across the planet, Prime Minister Boris Johnson shocked the country on March 5th 2020 when he announced at a press briefing (and on the popular This Morning programme) addressing a very concerned British public anxious for government guidance that the pandemic's arrival was inevitable and was expected to kill many people, but that his government's official position was to ignore international expert advice to immediately lock down our air and maritime ports, begin stringent virus testing and tracing and to immediately ban large public gatherings and sports events, choosing instead to basically do nothing and simply allow the devastating virus to "sweep the country" and infect 60 - 80% of the population in the absurd unsubstatiated premise that somehow this human carnage would magically confer "herd immunity". Following a massive outcry from alarmed medical experts and the not-so-stupid public, Johnson publicly performed a policy u-turn on April 12th, when it became obvious that he and his government of incompetents purposefully, arrogantly squandered six critical weeks of public health emergency planning which has been directly responsible for thousands of preventable deaths across the UK and has rapidly crippled the UK economy.

Theresa May's Brexit grinds to a halt as Parliament rebels

After two squandered years of hubris, brinkmanship, savage internal party fighting,  lying to the public and managing to insult all our European trade partners upon whose goodwill will are about to depend on, and with just over 60 days to go until we leave the EU, Theresa May's utterly incompetent Brexit proposal grinds to a complete halt as Parliament delivers a stunning vote of no confidence and rejects her plan. Updates in the Politics gallery

You're all invited: Kaya's new "Paint & Politics" exhibition 29 May - 2 June - London

Satire Magazine back issues:

'Politics' Gallery Updated - June 2017

EU Referendum Special - see the News section

Brexit - How to Lose Friends and Alienate Everybody - click on the image to read article

New cartoon gallery launched

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Kaya's new book is released!

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Kaya paints live at book launch

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Boris Johnson: You're all going to die horribly, and I'm not going to prevent it happening...

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Politics Gallery: Boris Johnson & Brexit updates

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Satire Magazine Issue latest edition is now available:

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Brexit madness engulfs the UK

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Satire Magazine launches

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New Cartoon section now open!

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"Erdogan The Sun King" at Turk and Kurd Ankara bombing protest

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Conservative Party conference, Manchester

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Labour Party conference, Brighton

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SunNation covers Kaya's tribute to Jeremy Corbyn

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Kaya brings Blair, Miliband and Corbyn to the Labour leadership election

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Labour party leadership election - Corbynmania explodes into existence...

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Kaya's General Election 2015 extravaganza!

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Yet another royal mouth to feed - how will we cope?

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Slideshow of Kaya's exhibition now available

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You're all invited! Kaya's new London exhibition opens: March 1st - 7th 2015

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Rochester Bye-Election Special Slideshow

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Farage brings his own glass to Parliament!

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Chancellor dances naked on Westminster Bridge...

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George Osborne gets his huge carrot out on 'Have I Got News For You'!

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Chancellor Osborne furious  as Kaya's painting is used to humiliate him at Tory summit

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50,000 march in People's Assembly Against Austerity protest

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Dilma Rouseff struggles in the Brazilian goal as World Cup looms

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Cameron as Don Quixote tilts at giant EU windmills

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Syndicated Turkish media reports on Kaya Mar

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"Erdoğan, the Turkish Sun King"

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Dangerous games on the East China Sea

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C'est magnifique! Hollande's embarassing injury...

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The Three Stooges: Decapitating the Free Press

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Royal Baby madness: Kaya interviewed for Dutch and Czech news programmes

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Obama - He's such a good listner...

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Royal baby Extra! Press links now updated!

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OMG! We're so excited! Another Royal mouth to suckle on the public purse...

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Press articles featuring Kaya's death of Margaret Thatcher "Divided Nation"

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Budget Day Slideshow

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Kaya Mar interview on Al Jazeera

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Kaya's work now in Museum of London.

Visit our NEWS page for details.

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Cameron and Osborne seen naked at the Tory Party Conference!

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